The Denver Internet Exchange began as an idea on a piece of paper in 2014 out of frustration with the lack of peering solutions in the Denver area. Denver has always been a unique network peering case, a major city with a large amount of transit providers and even the (once) headquarter city for tier-1 networks such as Level 3, Qwest, and Zayo, but without a major internet exchange peering point. Most major networks exchanged data at private interconnect points, not readily accessible to most networks.

The idea laid dormant until 2021 after obtaining an investment from Peaktera (AS32931) and thus, Denver IX was born. The Denver Internet Exchange is currently located at Cyxtera DEN1 and open to all networks looking to peer with current members. Still in the startup phase, Denver IX envisions an internet exchange point that is reliable, affordable, and easily accessible to networks of all sizes throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Our goal is to improve connectivity throughout the region and thus reducing latency, increasing speed, and providing resiliency. As demand for the Denver Internet Exchange increases, we will expand our peering fabric to meet the growing needs of the community.

  • Reduce peering complexity
  • Reduce latency
  • Increase speeds
  • Provide resiliency
  • Neutral peering fabric
  • Value-added services

Explore our website or contact us today to find out how your network can benefit from a membership at Denver's primer internet exchange, the Denver Internet Exchange.